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100% Google compliant, professionally designed, fully optimized websites, ready to work for you within 2-3 weeks from now

We Focus On Helping You Build A Long-Term, Sustainable Online Businesses

Building a successful, profitable affiliate niche website is anything but easy, especially if you have no previous knowledge and experience.

After working with hundreds of clients, we understand why the majority of new entrepreneurs fail to get their businesses off the ground.

They are overwhelmed by the sheer amount of information, technical aspects, and time required to build a healthy niche affiliate website.

There are so many things to consider, starting from niche and keyword research, all the way to content creation, link building, and on-site SEO.

It’s easy to get lost and confused, especially since there’s so much misleading, incomplete, and inaccurate information circling the web.

Not to mention all the “quick money” schemes and self-proclaimed gurus who are targeting beginners with their scams…

So, we decided to put our expertise to good use and do everything in our power to turn this situation around.

100% Done-For-You Affiliate Sites:
We Do The Work, You Get A Profitable Business

While we don’t use the word “shortcut” lightly, we do provide a faster, simpler way to get started with affiliate marketing, and enable you to build a reliable source of passive online income.

Our turnkey affiliate websites, along with powerful tools and resources we provide, can and will fast-track your journey to success and dramatically shorten your learning curve.

While we don’t use the word “shortcut” lightly, we do provide a faster, simpler way to get started with affiliate marketing, and enable you to build a reliable source of passive online income.

Our turnkey affiliate websites, along with powerful tools and resources we provide, can and will fast-track your journey to success and dramatically shorten your learning curve.

Our goal is to provide beginners with everything they need to get started with their business within a month, and also enable seasoned marketers to accelerate their growth and increase their revenue.

When you opt for one of our premium sites, you’ll receive the complete package – a unique niche affiliate website, fully optimized for SEO, with professionally written content, free hosting, and free SLL certificate.

But that’s not all. We don’t want to keep you in the dark, wondering what to do with the website once it’s live. Instead, we’ll be right beside you – every step of the way.

We’ll provide ongoing support, along with over 50 high-quality training videos, a traffic driving manual, and a blueprint you can follow to immediately start earning hefty affiliate commissions.

Here’s Exactly What You Get:

Premium Website

Whether you are interested in one of our pre-selected niches or a custom niche, we’ve got you covered. Our sites are built from scratch to be profitable. There’s no waiting period involved, as they come ready to rank and earn from the moment we deliver them to you.

Best Training In The Industry

Giving you a Niche website without the training to use it would be like giving you a Spaceship without the keys to take it for a spin! We have a comprehensive training video library you can access anytime to build your knowledge and get the most out of your website.

Full, Personal Support

If you thought you’d never hear from us again after we’ve finished building your website, you couldn’t be more wrong.

We won’t just leave you to your own devices. Instead, we’ll provide you with all the tools and resources you’ll need to make the most out of your website, and show you how to use them to immediately start making money with your business.

This includes free on-going Tech Support, full email support AND full access to our expertise with making your website the most profitable it can be.


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Available Niches

But That’s Not All!!

Amazing Bonuses To Ensure Your
Online Success

We provide ongoing support, so you don’t have to worry about hitting those road-bumps. You can rely on our knowledge and expertise, to help you overcome any and all obstacles on your road to success.

Here’s everything that’s included in the package, along
with your niche affiliate website:

Superior Customer Support

You’ll be able to get in touch with us, ask questions, and get actionable advice 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Whether you prefer a Skype conversation, or support via email, all you need to do is reach out to us.

We’ll never leave you hanging, wondering what you should do next.

Traffic Driving Manual

Having your own niche affiliate website is only the beginning. We’ll provide you with our proven Traffic Driving Manual, which will show you the exact steps you need to take to grow your business going forward.

High-Quality Training Videos

Even the best tools are completely useless if you don’t know how to use them. That’s why we’ve created over 50 content-packed training videos that will show you how to overcome the technical hurdles and dig deeper into the strategies we’ve laid out for you.

Free VPS SSD Hosing

With Niche Masterly, you get even more than what you paid for! We’ll include a 12-month FREE VPS SSD hosting for your website, which guarantees you’ll have the fastest website in your niche, with virtually no downtime. By the way, that’s $300 a month for an entire year, which we’re putting on our own tab.

Free SSL Certificate

Another bonus we have in store for you is a FREE SSL certificate for your website. This guarantees that your website is 100% secure and that Google will (eventually) award you with a significant ranking boost.

Personalized Success Blueprint

Most importantly, we’ll give you a complete blueprint you can follow to a “T” after purchasing the website, so you can immediately start earning and work on turning your dream online business into a reality.

Add-On Services(Optional)

If you love our work so much that you decide to continue working with us after we’ve completed your site, we’ll be more than happy to provide additional monthly services. These include everything from monthly content creation, to link building and Trained VA services. Like we said, this is your all-in-one-stop service for building a highly profitable niche affiliate website that’s as close as making money on autopilot as it can get.


Get 10 Additional Premium Links For
Free ($700 Value)

Available Niches

Why We Are Your Best Bet

We’re a team of professionals with over a decade of experience with developing, growing, and monetizing affiliate niche sites.

We don’t claim to do everything, but we dare say we are experts at the things we do: affiliate marketing, building niche and Amazon review sites, SEO, and link-building.

We pride ourselves on our ability to consistently deliver fast, high-quality service, and provide real results for real businesses – at a much more affordable price than our competitors.

Our team is comprised of experts from and, well-versed in their respective areas of online marketing (affiliate marketing, SEO, link-building, keyword research, WordPress, etc.)

Since our humble beginnings in 2006, our company has continued to thrive year after year.

We’ve forged relationships with hundreds of clients throughout the years, thanks to our ability to deliver real, measurable results for each and every client.

The Foolproof Process We Use To
Build Your Niche Site

In-Depth Niche Research

All of the currently available niches have been thoroughly researched by experienced professionals, and proven to be profitable.

We analyze everything, from monthly search volumes and trends, to competition and individual products offered in the niche, to give you the edge you need to succeed

Professional & Appealing Design

Our design follows the industry standards and best practices, and are based on tested and proven templates we personally developed.

That said, each website design is completely unique, following the idea and vision of our clients.

Creating Original Content

All content is 100% original, and written by our knowledgeable, professional writers. All of the content we provide is top-quality, written by US native English speakers, fully optimized, and immediately ready to be published.

We won’t just write for SEO and neglect the readers. The content you get is both reader-friendly, and appealing to the Google algorithms.

Extensive Keyword Research

Once the data confirms that a niche is profitable, we relentlessly search for the best keywords. You’ll receive over 200 keywords, selected by following a tested and proven formula, based on criteria we have developed over the years.

That’s more than enough keywords to continuously add new, SEO-friendly content to your site. You won’t ever have to worry about researching keywords again.

Setting Everything Up

Before we hand you your website, we’ll make absolute sure that it’s fully functional, and that everything is running smoothly.

By the time you get the website, it will already be live and indexed, so you can immediately to insert your affiliate links and start earning those hefty affiliate commissions.

On-Site SEO

By the time we transfer the website to you, everything will already be optimized.

We’ll take care of content layout, design responsiveness, meta tags, headings, and everything else – so you don’t have to!

Here’s What Our Clients Say About
Our Services

After looking through the Amazon keyword list thoroughly, I did some digging myself to make certain it was not rubbish. I am very pleased with the research that went into this. In fact, the excel file has three different sections to look at.
You won’t be disappointed if you get this.

Shana Walters Publisher, Author, Writer

This really is fantastic work!
I cannot see how someone who puts in work and effort into this cannot make a more than decent income. The keywords are well-organized in an excel document which contains their volume, difficulty, and CPC.

If you are looking to build a long-term passive income, and don’t mind putting in the work, you could be profiting from this for a long time to come. For experienced IMers, you’ll love to put your own tricks into this process to separate yourself from the competition. Great work!

earnme97, War Room Member

Available Niches

Is Our Service The Solution You’ve
Been Waiting For?

Before you make the final decision, it’s extremely important that you understand one thing.

Although we’re confident that anyone can make use of our services and earn a decent passive income with the niche affiliate website we build for them…

The fact is that this is NOT for everyone. We can definitely provide a way to drastically shorten your learning curve and help you jump straight to earning affiliate commissions.

That said, you still have to be willing to learn and have put in the necessary time and effort in order to achieve success.

This service is NOT for:

  • People who believe making money online is easy, and expect to “get rich quick” and build a fortune overnight
  • People who have the “shiny object” mentality and are always chasing after the “next big thing”
  • People who purchase dozens of different products and services, only to have them sit on their hard drives and collect dust
This service IS for:
  • People who understand that building an online business takes as much time, effort, and dedication, as with any other business
  • People who are eager to learn how to succeed in affiliate marketing and build a long-term, sustainable source of online income
  • Marketers that already have their own site, but are looking for ways to scale their businesses and maximize their revenue

If you belong in the second group, then this offer is perfect for you and we look forward to working with you and helping you build your dream business!

Unique Niche Affiliate Websites Of Uncompromising Quality

Whether you select one of our pre-built templates or want us to build a website that follows your own vision, you’ll have your own, 100% unique website, up and running within a month.

We’ll take care of everything, from hosting and domain name, visually appealing design, and original content, to on-site SEO, link-building, and WordPress plugins.

All the niches you’ll find are thoroughly researched and proven to be profitable. While building your premium niche website, we rely on the exact same process that has consistently worked for us and hundreds of our clients throughout the years.

Here’s everything that’s included with your ready-made
niche affiliate website:
  • Domain Name
  • FREE SSL Certificate
  • In-depth Niche, Competition & Keyword Research
  • 100% Unique And Custom Homepage Design
  • Professional Logo Design
  • Premium Theme (Genesis Child Themes)
  • Elementor Page Builder
  • 10,000 Words Of Unique Niche Related Content
  • Perfect On-Page SEO Optimization
  • Opt-In Forms
  • The Site Will Be Fully Indexed & Ready To Make You Money


  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • Traffic Driving Manual
  • 50 content-packed training videos
  • Personalized Success Blueprint


You Own 100% Of Your Business

We’re prepared to guarantee that your site will be one-of-a-kind, and that if you put in the time and effort to grow and expand it, you’ll be earning a substantial online income month after month.

We’ll be there to answer all your questions and give you a helping hand every step of the way. However, that doesn’t mean we’ll take a cut of your profits.

Once we complete the website and transfer it to you, it’s 100% yours to do with as you please, and you get to keep 100% of the commissions from every sale.In other words, YOU completely OWN your business.

We won’t build another site like yours for any other customer, either, so you can rest assured that your competition will be very limited.

We’ve seen too many of our competitors recycle the same website and sell it to dozens of unsuspecting clients. We refuse to participate in that game.

Why? Because we’re here to speed-up your progress, not hinder it.

The Results From Our Clients
That Back Our Claims

Imdadul – Earned over $10,000 with his Amazon Affiliate Website

Imdadul is a highly successful digital and affiliate marketer, who at the age of 28, managed to sell his Amazon niche site, for an astounding 10,000 USD.

The biggest struggle, when he first started in April 2015. was the fact that he simply couldn’t wrap his head around all the technical terms used in affiliate marketing.

He first started his affiliate journey by attending our 2-day workshop in Mirpur, Dhaka, but in his own words: “I was very upset because I did not really understand more than 20% of the technical terms. Amazon, affiliate and many other terms were Greek and Latin to me.”

However, after reading up online and attending a university course, he came back for our Amazon Affiliate site-building bootcamp program, with a 30-day live webinar followed by a 2-day hands-on workshop.

“It was very informative and I learned a lot of new strategies in terms of choosing the right keyword and taking the right steps to move up the ranking quickly. This was the life-changing program for me.”

Now, after the $10,000 success, he’s running his own digital marketing agency, called Hexagon ICT, and aspiring to become the #1 digital marketer in the world.

Majedul – sold his first Amazon Affiliate Site built at
Affiliate Bootcamp

Here’s a post by Majedul Mithu on a closed private Facebook group run by the NicheMasterly team. He was one of the attendees of the affiliate bootcamp that we conducted in 2016.

“I have launched my site right after the Bootcamp. As a beginner, I outsourced almost everything for that site (content, link-building services, etc.). I spent around $1400 for my site within 1 year period.

Initially, I had problems with traffic. After 9 months I got some traffic from Google, around 500 visitors a month. But hope for me was that it was gradually increasing.

Initially, I had problems with traffic. After 9 months I got some traffic from Google, around 500 visitors a month. But hope for me was that it was gradually increasing.

After 13-15 months, it got to around 2500-3500 monthly visits which yielded me an avg. commission of $250-$260 per month. My highest earning is $380 for the month of January 2017.”

“Then I decided to flip my website and reach out several clients. Initially for Idea. My target was to sell in any marketplace. But while judging the price of my site Luckily One client offer me $6000 which was a great offer for me. So I started talking to him and made a deal for the price of $6400.”

How Much Do You Think It Would
Cost You To Do All This
On Your Own?

If you’re thinking that building your own niche affiliate website from scratch would cost you an arm and a leg, you’re probably right.

Here a rough estimate of what’s required to put together all the pieces, just to give you a better idea of what sum you’d be looking at:

ServiceAverage Price

  • Niche & keyword research, and content planning$300
  • Premium theme for the website$300
  • Premium plugins and add-ons$300
  • Professional, responsive design and implementation$300
  • Professionally written content$300
  • On-page SEO optimization$300
  • Custom images and editing$300

We’ll spare you the math – that’s well over $3,300. And that’s without factoring in the link-building and marketing budget…

Don’t forget about the time it would take you to find and hire the professionals for each of these services, and that it could take weeks or even months for the project to be completed.

Good news is, all this (and more) is already included with your pre-made affiliate website!

You can get all this today, along with all the amazing bonuses for as little as $1,295.
Trust us when we say that you won’t find a better deal anywhere else – we looked.

Available Niches

We Guarantee You’ll Be 100% Satisfied With Your
Niche Website

Like we mentioned, our goal is to build a custom niche affiliate website for you, and provide the tools that will enable you to become a successful, profitable affiliate marketer.

That’s why, if you’re not fully satisfied with your website, or feel like we didn’t deliver on our promise, all you have to do is reach out to our customer support, any time of day or night.

We’ll do everything we can to ensure that the website lives up to your vision, but on the off-chance that we can’t live up to your expectations, we’ll give you a full refund.

If you’re not happy, neither are we. Although very unlikely, if that’s the case – we’ll give you your money back. Every last cent, no questions asked.

A Simple 3-Step Process To Get
Started Today

  • Click the button below and browse through our extensive list of available niches, all of which are previously tested and proven to be profitable
  • Choose the one that correlates to your interests, knowledge, or experience. If you don’t see anything you like, you can always choose the “custom” option, and we’ll work together to create a website that matches your vision.
  • Upon successfully completing your purchase, we will immediately share with you the entire plan for building your premium niche site, and give you a detailed schedule of work and delivery

Available Niches

No excuses. No delays.

Browse the Premium Keyword Packs for all the available niches and sub-niches below. Simply click the button below the niche to view all the relevant information regarding the associated keyword packs.

Select the one that’s best aligned with your knowledge and interests, and we’ll provide you with all the necessary information to start building your wildly profitable niche affiliate site, within 48 hours.

Premium Keyword Packs

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