Make Your Guest Posting Effortless With bdSEO’s Pre-Researched Outreach Prospects Lists

Get Everything Need To Start SUCCESFUL Outreach Immediately

Get everything need to start outreach immediately

We’ll provide you with a pre-researched list of websites that will be a perfect home for your link building content. True success of any guest post link building campaign hinges on getting the right partners to feature your content.  That’s why we run a strict filtering process based on our in-house formula, that ensures the list is populated with sites that have good traffic volumes, solid link profiles, and Domain Authority (DA) scores of 15 or higher.

It’s Not (Only) About Saving Time

Sure, the most time consuming process of guest post link building is searching and preparing the list of prospect websites. And, yes you’ll save at least 40 hours of tedious research time for every niche list you buy. But saving time isn’t the main benefit of purchasing one of our lists. After all, you could probably pay someone to compile a list for you…

However, you’d be missing one important factor.

With our prospect lists… you’ll be contacting the right websites! After all, a good guest posting campaign isn’t about having the biggest prospect list, (although our lists are pretty damn huge) … It’s about reaching to prospects who’ll appreciate your brand, will have a positive impact on your SEO and will actually be relevant to your audiences.

With Our Outreach Prospect List Guest Post Link Building Is Super Simple

Step 1

Download the prospect list

Step 2

Add them on outreach tools with follow-up mails

Step 3

Start Building Links

Here’s Why Our Outreach Prospect List Kicks-Ass

Here are some of the facts that make our lists of sites better for your posts:

  • DA 15+: Each website we provide with have a minimum of Domain Authority of 15. However, the average tends to be much higher than that.
  • Higher Traffic: : Each of our recommended website has a minimum daily traffic of 1000+ visitors, meaning greater traffic to your post.
  • Open To Contribution: We ensure that every link that we provide is open to guest post contributions. All you’ll need to do is send in your request.
  • Aged: We only allow websites that have been in business for a while, meaning you do not get a list with newly registered, useless websites
  • Relevant Audiences: We’ll make sure that every website’s audience on our list will be interested in your products or services
  • Contact Information: Every list includes full and current contact information for each website, so you can start reaching out immediately.
  • 300 Hugh Quality Websites: Each list contains 300 websites. With a good pitch and follow-up mails you can expect to get 40-50 good links.

Oh, and one more thing…

Ready to Start Winning Big On Your Link Building?

 Get our immediately ready-to-use outreach list, you’ll start getting high quality backlinks within 24 Hours

Oh, and one more thing…

99% Of SEO Agencies Don’t Want Us To Tell You This…

But the majority of guest posting websites, even those that well-known SEO agencies might recommend, claim to be authentic and offer huge benefits for your link building efforts. But in reality, more often than not, what you’ll get access to is nothing more than disguised PBNs, poor quality blogs and depleted, spammy content farms.

If you’ve already tried getting guest posting services, you’ll probably know what we’re talking about.

In today’s SEO age, with Google’s algorithm becoming more and more sophisticated at an alarming rate, this infrastructure just won’t cut it anymore. Now, more than ever it’s important to focus on highquality link building.

That’s why we make sure that:

The sites we list are not under a blog network.


We do not include websites that are content farms, or only built for guest posts and link exchanges.


These websites will only HARM your link building efforts, and it can be incredibly hard to find them out, if you don’t know what you’re looking for! With our outreach prospect list you’ll be 100% sure you’re getting the highest quality, relevant links!

Expedite Your Guest Post Link Building

With our ready to use outreach list, you can get to start emailing right away