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At Niche Masterly, we fully understand just how difficult and time-consuming building a high-performing niche website can be. Especially if this is your first venture into the affiliate marketing world.

To spare you the headache and help save precious time and money, we have done all the necessary research for you, so you can immediately start building your business.

We’ve condensed all the valuable data into comprehensive keyword packs, along with themes, plugins, content templates, and site-building blueprints.

We aim to arm you with all the necessary information, tools, and resources for thoroughly researched, profitable niche, so that you are fully prepared to start leveraging their money-making potential.

Niche Masterly has been creating long-tail keyword packs since 2010.

Ever since, we have continuously refined the process for finding these top-performing keywords, so that our clients can immediately use them to begin ranking their sites and generating affiliate commissions.

Our Premium Keyword Packs are exclusive, and therefore limited to only a single purchase, so you can ensure that absolutely no one else has the same keywords as you.

Although we’ve covered a wide variety of niches and sub-niches, we want to ensure your competition is kept down to a minimum.

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What’s In The Packs?

Our Premium Keyword Packs are so much more than just a simple list of winning long-tail keywords. Here’s exactly what you can expect to find inside:

Top 50 Best Selling Amazon
Products In Your Niche

You don’t have to bang your head on the table and spend months trying to figure out which products to promote.

With our Premium Keyword Packs, we include a full list of the top 50 Amazon best-sellers for your niche, so you will know, without a doubt, which products are guaranteed to be profitable.

Like we said, there’s no delay – our Keyword Packs enable you to -4start promoting from day one.

25 Manually Picked Long-Tailed

For every niche and sub-niche covered by our packs, we have already manually selected the 25 best-performing keywords, that you can start your niche affiliate site with.

These include a healthy combination of buyer-intent keywords and information-based keywords, allowing you to both effectively promote the products and create valuable, SEO-optimised content.

In-Depth Competitor Research

With our keyword packs, you’ll know who you’re up against from the very start. We have already done the competition analysis, and have included the keyword reports from 5 – 15 of your competitors.

This gives you invaluable insight into what’s working for others in your niche, so you can take over their best practices, and more easily develop your unique sales proposition (USP).

Pre-Researched Keyword Packs – A Faster, Easier, More
Affordable Way To Start A Niche Affiliate Website

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The Powerful Strategies We Use To Create Premium Long-Tail Keyword Packs

Thanks to our knowledge and expertise, and over a decade of experience in the industry, we’ve identified for powerful strategies for consistently
delivering profitable long-tail keywords to our customers:

We create Keyword Packs only for tested and proven evergreen niches that are high in demand throughout the entire year, and have an above-average number of converting products on Amazon and other affiliate networks.

For every popular niche, we have researched multiple sub-niches, in order to ensure that everyone can build a long-term, profitable business in their specific niche, and grow it exponentially without the fear of being overwhelmed by the competition.

We create Keyword Packs only for tested and proven evergreen niches that are high in demand throughout the entire year, and have an above-average number of converting products on Amazon and other affiliate networks.

For every popular niche, we have researched multiple sub-niches, in order to ensure that everyone can build a long-term, profitable business in their specific niche, and grow it exponentially without the fear of being overwhelmed by the competition.

Why Our Premium Keyword Packs Are A Real Game-Changer

Aside from all the time, money, and energy we'll save you, our long-tail
keyword packs set you up for success in six major ways:

Page One Ranking: As we target low-competition keywords, our keyword packs drastically improve your chances of ranking on page one of Google search results.

High Volume Traffic: Simultaneously, your list will include 10 – 15% information keywords with high search volumes, ensuring
that your site will receive plenty of qualified traffic and earn
confidence from Google.

Higher Conversions: Most of the long-tail keywords we provide have high buying intent. The majority of the sites we service see more than 10% conversion rates.

Affordable Prices: You’ll receive almost 8 times as many long-tail keywords than you would from our competitors who offer their services for the same or even higher price. Keep in mind that we also manually weeded out all the bad keywords.

Exclusivity: Like we mentioned, we only ever sell a premium long-tail keyword pack once, to a single customer, so you can rest assured that nobody else will ever receive the same pack.

Reliable Customer Service: Want help with building your site? Just let us know and we’ll respond to your email within 24 hours.

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Fast Action Bonuses If You Act Now:

The Ultimate Site-Building Guide

What do you do after obtaining the long-tail keywords? Where do you start? This step-by- step site-building guide will walk you through the entire process of building a high-converting, profitable affiliate website.

It covers every aspect of building the site, from creating engaging content and domain registration & hosting, to site creation with WordPress and link building.

Even if you’ve never so much as left a comment on a blog, this guide will show you how to create a ranking website that turns visitors into customers.

A Foolproof Template for Writing Engaging Content

Creating high-quality content is vital to generating affiliate sales through your website. However, writing content that’s both optimised for search engines and reader-friendly is a complex, time-consuming task.

With our content development templates, you’ll be able to create fully-optimised, revenue-generating pages for your site, faster than you
thought possible.

These templates also make it extremely easy to outsource the work to freelancers, something you may eventually need to do if you want to
scale up and operate multiple sites for even greater profits.

Start Building Your Dream Business Today

No excuses. No delays.

Browse the Premium Keyword Packs for all the available niches and sub-niches below. Simply click the button below the niche to view all the relevant information regarding the associated keyword packs.

Select the one that’s best aligned with your knowledge and interests, and we’ll provide you with all the necessary information to start building your wildly profitable niche affiliate site, within 48 hours.

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Don't Just Take Our Word For It – See What The Customers Have to Say About Our Premium Keyword Packs

“The Nichemasterly team did an awesome job, providing me with 20+
long-term keywords I can now write content and easily rank for. More
than that, Abul was available to answer all my questions and
gave me valuable tips on how I should approach the whole project.
For customer service alone, I highly recommend those guys.”
Francois B
Francois Bfitnessfizz.com
I have to say, I was a bit skeptical when I was first approached to review this. Normally, I buy keyword research after I have a business idea to help validate the niche. But, this service sells a pre-researched list in different niches.
However, the service is as advertised. If you’re looking to start an Amazon affiliate site then this is definitely the service to use. I believe you could relatively easily build an Amazon review site that makes four figures each month (depending on commissions) with these keywords.
All of the keywords provide have very little competition and the majority of them show buyer intent. These keywords will get you buyers and sales, not tire kickers.
Just to be thorough, I checked Amazon to ensure they offered the products (many are branded which indicates intent more than just research) on the list and they did.
GambinoSenior Warrior Member
After looking through the Amazon keyword list thoroughly, I did some digging myself to make certain it was not rubbish. I am very pleased with the research that went into this. In fact, the excel file has three different sections to look at.
You won’t be disappointed if you get this.
Shana Walters Publisher
Shana Walters PublisherAuthor, Writer
The keywords are organized in three excel sections very clearly and they are low competitive keywords and show buyer intent. So if you are planning to build an amazon site, this is the best keywords for you.
Detailed info about the keywords and the are chosen carefully
Really I’m thinking to start a new amazon website with these keywords
selstarActive Warrior
This really is fantastic work!
I cannot see how someone who puts in work and effort into this cannot make a more than decent income. The keywords are well organised in an excel document which contains their volume, difficulty and CPC.
If you are looking to build a long term passive income, and don’t mind putting in the work, you could be profiting from this for a long time to come. For experienced IMers, you’ll love to put your own tricks into this process to seperate yourself from the competition. Great work!
earnme97War Room Member
Note: Would it be possible to get a picture of this ustomer, and can we get at least 2 more testimonials to put on the age? If yes, then I suggest adding them as a slider.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much will I need to create a 25-page website?

If you write the content and build links yourself, then you will not need
to spend on anything. Assuming you will build the site by outsourcing

content writing and link building, then you will need to spend $500-
$750 on content and then another $300-$500 on link building.

How many referring domains will I need to rank in Top10 for a keyword with KD 10 or below?

You will need nearly 10 links from 10 websites.

What does ahrefs.com's keyword difficulty (KD) mean?

Keyword Difficulty score shows how hard it would be to rank in the
top10 Google search results for a given keyword. KD 0-10 means easy,
11-30 means medium, 31-70 means hard and 71-100 means super hard.

How successful is your keyword research service?

With our keyword research services some of our client’s websites have multiplied their income by 30 times. Where we have built sites for our
clients they have all gone on to generate good revenue for them. Very few companies can match this!

How long have you been into keyword research?

We have over 11 years of experience finding winning keywords for our clients that have lead to them owning websites that have generated
revenue on a continuous basis. We know how to find keywords for you that you will be able to achieve high ranking positions with.

How do you find the keywords?

We use “little known” methods to uncover keywords in niches that others can’t. Our expert keyword research team has over 11 years of
experience finding winning keywords for our customers. All of the keywords will undergo a “ranking assessment” using the latest
professional tools to ensure that you are provided with the best keywords that are easy to rank for.

How long will it take to earn from the site?

The keywords in the long-tail keywords packs are almost no competition keywords.  If you read the success stories of our clients and students,
you will learn that some have got sales within 10 days of building their websites. Though there is a strong chance that that will also happen with many of you, you better be conservative here and expect that your site will earn within 30 to 45 days after building some initial backlinks.

How Much will it cost to develop a niche site and how much will I earn?

It depends. The more you invest following a proven strategies, the more you will earn. Earning will also depend on how much effort you make.
There are some initial costs like buying the domain, a hosting account, and a keyword pack. After that, you can plan to spend based on your
budget for each month. For example, if you have a plan to invest $1000 in creating a website. You can invest all at once to buy content and links
or you can spread the spending over a couple of months. The earlier you spend on building content and links the better for you.

After purchasing the keywords what should I do to build the site?

As you have the keywords and products list, the next step is registering a domain and creating the website on WordPress, writing & publishing the content, and building links.

How many website pages can be built with the long-tail Keyword Pack?

You can build at least 25 pages with any of our premium long-tail keyword pack.